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The Taluxe Latex Foam Mattress

Finally, a mattress for back pain sufferers that is as comfortable as it is supportive!

Many companies offer latex mattresses that are a full size core of one consistency. The problem is that these mattresses are either very soft and comfortable at first but not supportive later on, or they are uncomfortable and very hard overall. 

The Taluxe avoids this problem by utilizing four increasingly-firmer layers of foam. This allows for a more springy and soft initial feel, while actually providing more support than the one- to three-layer, soft, medium, and even firm latex mattresses you will find. This is for several reasons. 

First, we use 2 inches of a very comfortable, extra-soft Talalay latex on the surface, to avoid the less supportive and much less durable pillow top. We then follow this up with 2 more inches of a medium-firm Talalay latex foam to keep the comfort, but slow down the compression of the Memory Foam Supportfoam, thereby allowing more springy support. We then followed this layer with a transitional layer of a very firm Talalay latex to prevent bottoming out onto our very firm base. 

We manufacture this mattress in any size and thickness, but we keep our first three layers the same and add to the very supportive base. Because you need a very firm and rigid base to counter the "hammock" inward folding of the body that will occur when you use a solid latex core for a foundation, we then utilize a ultra stiff and very supportive base of high resiliency polyurethane foam that you will notice from the moment you sit on the mattress and feel the support underneath you. With other much more firm feeling latex mattresses, you won't have this firm of a base, but you may feel like the whole mattress is uncomfortable. When combined with a supportive pillow, the result is the perfect alignment of spine from the tailbone to the top of your spine. 

We even combine this mattress with the most breathable quilted and stretchable cover available. For an extra measure of softness on the surface, you can choose our more plush quilt with our special Fibersoft system as depicted above. 

Manufactured in the United States, our latex foam uses a natural and environmental friendly process that washes away the natural proteins in the latex that have been known to cause allergic reaction. This makes this mattress completely hypo-allergenic, bacteria- and dust mite-resistant, and completely non-toxic. 

Any mattress this complex, using the highest quality latex foam available, would normally cost several thousands. Now you have a chance to buy direct from the manufacturer and save!

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A Doctor's Perspective

Latex mattresses can be a lifesaver for back pain sufferers, but only when it is configured in a layered system with good supportive base to prevent any hammocking of the spine. The Taluxe latex foam mattress was configured to allow this to happen. The back pain sufferers who tested this mattress reported overall improvement within the first one to three nights. I now highly recommend this mattress for back pain sufferers who need the springy support of latex, but still want the comfort that accompanies this multi-layered mattress. If you have any questions please feel free to email me personally. 

 Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.
 VP of Product Development
Author of the #1 Back Pain Site and Memory Foam Mattress.org

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