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Introducing the CozyCloud™ Bamboo Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow


Never Goes Flat!

Shaped like a regular down pillow, but stuffed with small pieces of plush Made in the U.S.A. memory foam, the Adjustable CozyCloud™ memory foam pillow is quite simply the most comfortable pillow you will ever own! This Cloud-like pillow will cradle your body in only the way that high quality memory foam can, but return back to shape. Unlike Down pillows, the CozyCloud™ pillow does not need to be fluffed and will offer you extra support with its superior contouring abilities.

With 3 Separate Pillows inside the removable outer cover, you can chose to make it a thick, medium or very thin pillow support by simply unzipping the outer cover and deciding how many layers you want inside. The three layers and outer cover are fully machine washable and can be separated to make for an easier wash/dry experience.

The special middle layer can even be conformed as
a travel bolster pillow for your neck or a smaller kids and camping pillow, depending on which way you fasten it. You can further adjust the pillow by simply Gathering the fill, as it further increases the thickness for side sleepers or back sleepers who need more loft. Stomach Sleepers may want to use the thinner version, but will love the cozy comfort it provides either way. The adjustable CozyCloud™ gives you a 10-Year Warranty and Full Satisfaction Gurantee.

  • Made With High Density Memory Foam
  • 100% U.S. Made & Certified Foam
  • Adjustabble to Adapt Any Body Shape
  • Perfect As Neck or Body Pillow
  • Non-Temperature Sensitive Foam
  • 4 Times More Air-Vent™ Heat Reducing Bamboo Cover Fabric
  • Environmentally Friendly Process
  • No Fillers Added
  • No Need to Fluff
  • Machine Washable
  • Non-Toxic and Helps Resist Dust Mites
  • 10-Year Warranty!
  • 90-Day Risk Free Trial with no hassle returns and free personal customization if unsatisfied!

3 Removable Layers!

Customize Your Comfort!

"The 3 layer Adjustable CozyCloud™ pillow is perfect for those sleepers who want a traditional shape design, but want to choose the exact thickness and support to fit their needs. It will work for all sleeping positions and can even excel for back sleepers, so long as you position the pillow under the lower cervical (neck curve) by grabbing the pillow on both sides and pulling it downward."
-Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C. Vice President Of Product Development

Dr. Rick Swarzburg, D.C.

Top Rated Pillow on Amazon.com

5 out of 5 stars I wish i could give it more than 5 stars.
By Jessica Sheaon April 9, 2016
Size: Queen

This. Pillow. Is. AMAZING. Im not even kidding. I have a few pillows at home that I spent a great deal of money on and I never use them. Why? Because I have neck and back problems, and tmj. But no pillows, no matter what they promise never works. So I thought I'd give this pillow a try.
The first thing I loved about this product even before testing it out was that its made in the U.S.A. its rare to see that nowadays. I also like that there is a 10 yr warranty. Its very important to know these things if you're going to spend a good amount on a pillow. One other thing is that its machine washable and can go in the dryer. Amazed already? Well you should be!
So with that being said, you're probably wondering if the product itself is worth the money. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm serious. When it came in the mail it was vacume sealed and when I removed the pillow from the bag it fluffed up within seconds. There are directions that come with This by the way. It says to fluff it up in the dryer for 30 min on high heat of it doesn't fluff up fully. I did that as well. What's really neat about this pillow is there are three layers for comfort level. I personally like it how it is. This Pillow cradldes your neck and is super soft. My boyfriend was a tad jealous that I only bought one, so now after trying this one, we will be making another purchase. Its worth it! ... Read More...

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